Features of kitchen interior in country style

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kitchen interior country

The common features of the design of all styles of stylization of people’s life are: A characteristic color palette – colors close to natural. They are chosen not bright, not striking. Absence of bright, contrasting drawings. Natural materials in the decoration of the room, furniture, synthetic materials, plastic – are unacceptable, metal is allowed only in the form of wrought-iron furniture, half-timbered from copper, brass. The abundance of textiles, handicrafts – curtains and tablecloths, rugs, embroidery. In general, the design of a country is the interior of a village dwelling, […]

Unique chandeliers: refinement in the interior of the premises

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Modern style of registration of premises requires considerable effort, enormous costs and irrepressible imagination. It is necessary to determine not only the type of decoration in each room, but also to pick up items and decorative elements in accordance with the interior. It is known that high-quality lighting transforms the interior: makes it both functional and comfortable. The correct distribution of lighting in each room can change the perception, successfully highlight and emphasize the beneficial side of the interior, adding to it its own flavor. The lamps come in several […]

Interior and living room arrangement

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interior and living room arrangement

Depending on the living space in your house, you can have a separate living room. The living room tends to be more formal and focused on entertainment and reception of guests, a place of rest for the whole family. This zone is designed for rest and comfort. In any case, when creating a living room, you will need comfortable and relaxing furniture. Here are some ideas that will help you navigate through the selection of materials, furniture and technology. The living rooms are usually more informal than the rest of […]

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