Unique and unusual kitchen design 2018

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kitchen decorating ideas 2018

The kitchen has long ceased to be exclusively a work area of every housewife. After all, in this place every evening families gather for dinner, drink tea with friends and discuss the news of the day. In addition, it is in the kitchen that family members spend most of their time in the morning and after work. Therefore, this room should be not only functional, but also filled with a special cozy atmosphere. So, what should you pay attention to when planning kitchen design in 2018? What color scheme will […]

Living room decoration ideas new interior ideas

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What color scheme to choose for a small living room? In the interior of any room is important color scheme. For small-sized rooms, this issue is especially relevant, because the wrong choice can visually reduce the number of already missing square meters. Visually expand the area can be a classic way, using light and soft colors in the design. At the same time, it should be remembered that the vertical lines make the room visually larger, and the horizontal ones, on the contrary, narrow. To design the room did not […]

Modern Bedroom Furniture in Cottage Style Master Bedroom 2018

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elite bedroom furniture 2018

Traditionally, there are no regularities and special restrictions in modernity. The color theme of the room is selected based on personal preferences. One can only give an example that many designers see priorities in the use of lilac, bluish and brown hues. ELEMENTS OF MODERN IN BEDROOM Looking at the numerous photos of ready-made sleeping interiors, it can be noted that the projects do not have a rigid binding to the organization of the layout. Here, multi-level ceilings, expanded window openings and elements of art painting harmoniously look. Asymmetric patterns […]

Spectrum Intelligent Home 2018

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spectrum intelligent home

The technology boom has been ongoing for the past decade. Things are changing so rapidly and it won’t stop! New electronic stuff on the market has a bigger and bigger impact on our lives every year. It makes our daily life a whole lot easier and because of that, we have a lot more time for our hobbies. Nearly everyone can unlock their true potential on any given day! Technology is not our near time, it is already our present! Spectrum Intelligent Home 2018 A lot of old-fashioned people simply […]

Home control center

March 19, 2018 - by : Etxebarria  |  Interior  |  No Comments  |  6056 Views
GSM system smart home

The concept of arrangement of the “smart house” has long passed from the category of fantastic to the status of being realized. To some extent this idea is embodied in many private cottages and apartments, making it easier for users to use the technology. However, at this stage we can talk about the mass dissemination of this ideology with great reservations, since a full-fledged complex device of multifunctional control systems is expensive and many seem very complicated. Actually, the heart of such systems is the “smart house” controller, whose presence […]

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