Spectrum Intelligent Home 2018

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spectrum intelligent home 2018
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The technology boom has been ongoing for the past decade. Things are changing so rapidly and it won’t stop! New electronic stuff on the market has a bigger and bigger impact on our lives every year. It makes our daily life a whole lot easier and because of that, we have a lot more time for our hobbies. Nearly everyone can unlock their true potential on any given day! Technology is not our near time, it is already our present!

spectrum intelligent home

Spectrum Intelligent Home 2018

A lot of old-fashioned people simply presume that any new technology is a toy and it is not necessary for real life. Well, the argument for them is airplanes. No one really needed the planes before Howard Hughes decided to launch the first commercial airline. Somebody has to break the barrier and other people will follow.

The whole concept of Intelligent Homes arose back in the 1950s. It was around the time, when wealthy Americans began to use more and more electronics in their household. Scientists got the idea of a smart home right away, hence it was difficult and exhausting to control all the electronics for a single person. However, the technology was way worse developed at that time. Plus, the production cost was huge. So, smart homes were not worth it mathematically for companies to produce. But as more and more time went by, the scientists slowly started to figure out how to improve the Intelligent Home technology immensely and lower its production costs significantly.

At the present time, intelligent homes seem familiar to a lot of people. But what exactly is an Intelligent Home? Spectrum Intelligent Home is a fully automated system where all your household appliances are connected and work on a string together. It is not just about having an automated washing machine or a conditioner. The system contains a lot of temperature and humidity sensors, it knows whether it is the night it should turn off the lights. For example, if you wake up in the early morning and don’t want to get up, the system will open curtains for you and while you are getting up, it will already have a prepared coffee on your table. That is the whole point of the Intelligent Home invention – it adjusts to its owner and acts accordingly.

spectrum intelligent home 2018

To purchase the complete system would still cost a lot right now because a lot of expensive equipment is needed. But that will not be a problem for a long time because remember when having a smartphone was equal to landing on the moon. Let’s have a look at the equipment:

Lighting and Power Supply:
This system is responsible for turning off the light when you come and turning on and off in different rooms depending on which room you are spending time in. We are used to doing it ourselves but it will not be a necessity in the near future.

The Control Panel: The customer will have his own control panel where he can see what is going inside his house without having to physically get up and check it. You can turn off the light in the kids’ room when they are already sleeping. Not only would you save energy that way but you also won’t risk of waking them up.

Safety and assess control system: The safety system is arguably the most important one. It protects your home while you are away. It can detect extraneous bodies inside the building and fire out an alarm immediately! Now you can also just press a button to lock down the door without having to get your butt up from the cozy sofa.

In conclusion, you are probably already convinced that there is no need to be scared of this new technology. Intelligent Homes are definitely the future and they will gradually be taking over during the next 10-15 years like the Smartphones killed the old Nokias and now we cannot even imagine starting our day without checking Instagram or Twitter.

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